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Boiler replacements

Boiler replacements

Boiler Size

Larger the boilers come with a larger ticket value. Equipment size directly impacts cost. Although it may cost less to install initially, an undersized boiler will be struggle to maintain your home's temperature during the harsh winter months. Oversized boilers run noisier, use more fuel and require frequent repairs. Sizing the boiler correctly is an important and complex procedure best left to the professionals.

Boiler Type

The type of boiler you choose factors heavily into your installation cost. Of the several types, you may consider:

  • Condensing Combination
  • Condensing
  • Cast Iron
  • Copper Fin
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Since you have entered the market to replace your boiler system you are likely wondering about the cost. In the Fraser Valley, the price for a complete replacement of a boiler system is approximately $11,999, but prices range between $6,999 to over $19,999. Multiple considerations contribute to the final cost of your complete boiler installation.

Number of Zones

Zoning is a feature many boiler heated homes have. A large home may have as many as 10+ zones. Each zone requires a dedicated thermostat, control valve, pump and more. This allows the homeowner ultimate control to maximize comfort by customizing temperature by room. The more zones your home has, the more expensive the installation will be.

Installation Requirements

Chimney: New condensing boilers require specific gas rated, plastic chimneys. The placement of your boiler within the home dictates the cost of installation. For example, a boiler located against an exterior wall may not require much additional work; however, a boiler situated in the middle of your home may require a labour intensive install affecting the overall cost. Drainage: New condensing boilers produce condensation that must be safely discarded. In some homes there is no useable drain near the unit and additional components such as pumps will need to be included in the system. Piping: Designing, preparing, and installing the boiler's adjacent piping plays a large part in the overall installation cost. Properly installed the boiler's piping and components should be neatly mounted, easily serviced and configured to provide the most efficient and comfortable operation.

Installing Contractor

Boiler installation is fine art that must be integrated into your home by a qualified professional backed by a reputable company. Employing a company that adheres to high standards will affect the value of your installation both short term and long term. You can expect to pay more for a company that:

  • is insured, licensed and bonded
  • is qualified to determine the size requirements for the system
  • has experienced and highly trained installers
  • offers longer warranties
  • is associated with industry standard groups (TECA, Fortis, BBB, etc)
  • maintains a great reputation locally and on-line
You may pay less for an individual or company:
  • without insurance or valid licenses
  • who is inexperienced
  • who offers little to no warranty
  • has a bad or non-existant local or online reputation (no website, reviews, unmarked vehicle)
The adage holds true. "You get what you pay for." Systems that are installed correctly and maintained properly have long lives, produce great comfort and low utility bills. Whereas systems improperly installed function incorrectly, require frequent repairs, and can increase your utility costs. Make sure your company:
  • Provides you a written and detailed quote. You should feel comfortable asking related questions. A professional should be able to respond to your questions with confident and assuring answers
  • Can provide details regarding the equipment they will be installing. Don't get caught with a contractor installing a product he/she has never seen or worked on before
  • Offers a written warranty and has a guarantee on their work
  • Is insured and possesses a valid gas license
  • Has good on-line reviews (Google, Homestars, Facebook, etc..). A contractor with active and positive on-line reviews is a good indication that they are looking to make their clients happy not just make a buck